Peter Peyman Farzinpour
4 min readJun 30, 2023

Actual Student Reviews From Anonymous Evaluations:

“A true master of his craft — Peyman is always inspiring — Couldn’t ask for a better conducting teacher!”
“Best teacher I’ve ever had. I love him so much! Highly recommend!!!”
“He is one of the best professors I have ever met in Berklee. I am so glad that I am taking his class”

Study With Award-Winning Composer & Conductor Peter Peyman Farzinpour

World-renowned, award-winning composer, conductor, multimedia producer, and music entrepreneur, Peter Peyman Farzinpour, offers individual, one on one, private lessons and coaching in the areas of conducting, composition, music entrepreneurship, and music history. The lessons can take place fully online or in person in his Los Angeles studio.

Whether you’re a beginner who wants to learn the fundamentals of conducting, composition, or starting a music business, or an advanced musician looking to refine your craft, whether for a concert, audition, competition, or a world premiere, or you need help getting your music business off the ground or to the next level, Farzinpour can be your guide and greatest asset online or in person. His greatest asset is that he is passionate about perfecting technique while maintaining the musician’s individual voice and aesthetic.

For many years, Farzinpour served as a conducting, composition, and music history professor at the renowned Berklee College of Music. Moreover, he has held major administrative posts with the LA Philharmonic and at the LA County Museum of Art, where his programming was awarded first place by ASCAP/Chamber Music America for Adventurous Programming of Contemporary Music. He has also successfully created multiple multimedia ensembles, all the while, holding music director positions or guest conducting around the world.

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More Student Reviews From Anonymous Evaluations

“Peyman Farzinpour is the best conducting Professor I have ever had. He is a challenge when it comes to assignments and he really brings out the best of you while conducting in class. Peyman has a lot of knowledge and skills and if you practice and care about the class, he will give all the help you need. Peyman has a sense of humor and he makes the class interesting. He likes to tell stories, jokes, as well as the history behind the pieces.”

“It’s rare that I would think to review a professor with consecutive “strongly agrees,” however Peyman is really an exceptional educator. He is passionate, masterfully proficient at the art of conducting, patient, fair, and allows his students both the necessarily tools to develop their craft, and a platform for their voice to be heard and questions answered. I was very nervous to begin the conducting portion of my major, however Peyman really made me comfortable stepping into unknown territory. I wish there were more classes available with him, and am genuinely going to miss the conducting classes. Nothing but respect and appreciation for this educator; Berklee needs more Peyman Farzinpours.”

“Peyman is extremely qualified and experienced in this subject matter, and his past assists his teaching. He always has very constructive feedback for the students who conduct in front of class. Peyman also creates a friendly environment that extends beyond a normal classroom setting; his humor and wit always makes the class lighter, but he is able to draw everyone back into the material”

“Peyman is very funny and he will make it interesting for everyone in the class no matter what your intended major is. He also has a lot of experience and background knowledge”

“Best conducting teacher; he is very patient with each student and is extremely supportive.”

“Awesome teacher — Just amazing! So knowledgeable and so helpful!”

“Great person, wholistic techniques, lots of charisma, provides lots of support for students who are not conducting focused, and makes the skills applicable for those who are not going to be conductors”

“This was my second course taken with Peyman and if I wasn’t graduating, I would definitely take more with him. Conducting in front of a classroom of people is never a comfortable experience, but Peyman allows the learning environment to be fun and very comfortable. He’s hands on and really cares if the student improves with their technique”

“I am so sad this is my last class with Farzinpour :(((( He has been an incredible teacher. He creates a great classroom environment. He challenged us with pieces and correct technique, while still keeping it light hearted and fun. He’s extremely knowledgeable and it’s been really amazing being able to study under him”

“Peyman’s passion for romantic music and early 20th century music really moved me. I too started a fascination with romantic music, although Mahler was on the exam, I listened further to Mahler and really developed a love and appreciation for his music.”

“He is a great teacher and conductor. He managed to create a very respectful but fun environment, so his class would be both enjoyable and productive. I had him for Conducting 1 & 2 and I would COMPLETELY recommend to other students. Thanks Peyman!”

“Peyman is very down-to-earth and extremely funny. In a class that can easily be intimidating or uninteresting, it was great to have a personality like him who is also very knowledgeable and experienced at what he teaches. I learned a great amount about conducting from him and consider him to be one of the best teachers I have had at Berklee.”

“Really enjoyed the class, and Peyman is fantastic!”



Peter Peyman Farzinpour

Peyman Farzinpour is a conductor, composer, multimedia arts director and professor. He is the Director of ENSEMBLE / PARALLAX and Farzinpour Creative Ventures.